8 Award-Winning Chefs. 6 Experiential Menus. 1 Amazing Summer.

This summer, master chefs from across the country are arriving at the Seaport Food Lab, each giving New York a taste of their culinary mastery with exclusive two-week residencies. Get in early for this unique dining experience and witness the most sought-after chefs flex their creative muscle with never-before-tasted dishes. A portion of ticket proceeds benefits the South Street Seaport Museum.


2017 SEASON:

JUNE 20 - JULY 2: Paul Kahan, Cosmo Goss + Erling Wu-Bower  

JULY 9 - 21: Hugh Acheson

JULY 30 - AUG 12: Alon Shaya

AUG 20 - SEPT 2: Jessica Koslow

SEPT 10 - 23: Dale Talde

SEPT 29 - OCT 11: Wylie Dufresne

From the Press

Tasting Table


“As far as dining destinations go, NYC’s Seaport District is on fire right now—and there may be no spot hotter than the Seaport Food Lab. This summer, eight of the nation’s most celebrated chefs, including Hugh Acheson and Alon Shaya, have signed on for a residency program, where they’ll be free to experiment to their hearts' content. ”

The Daily Meal


“The cool thing about the Seaport Food Lab is that people kind of get to experience what we as restaurant reviewers and editors walk into all the time: an experience designed by the chef, the chance to be adventurous, and the opportunity to put blind faith in a chef to send out what he feels is his best work for us to receive with, hopefully, open mouths and eager eyes.”

The Daily Meal


“It’s a hot ticket—we just got in this past weekend — but fortunately, it will run through October 2017. ”

Seaport FoodLab

203 Front Street

New York, NY 10038

by reservation only