After nine months hiding aboard the majestic Ambrose ship, Mr. Cannon found himself on the shores of New York City in 1817 with nothing but a small, tattered leather-bound notebook filled with special recipes from around the globe for the most delicious cocktails imaginable. Stumbling along the cobbled streets, he swerved down an alleyway knocking on doors. Finally, the darkest one of all creaked open, and an old gentleman named José peered out. Mr. Cannon shared his recipes with José, and together they created the most infamous bar at the Seaport. It’s very hard to find and even harder to get into.


Finding it means heading to 206 Front Street, which at first glance appears to be a simple Rialto Jeans store. Walk past that and you'll see a historic sign for 206 Front Street, which references the location being built in the late 1790's, remodeled a century later. From there, follow down a nondescript alleyway, hang a left, and you'll reach a black door with nothing more than a small rat on the front. There you'll spot a doorbell to ring. Do that, and the powers that be can see you — but you can't see them. Luckily, entry is based on capacity, and if enough of the 25 seats are available, you'll be granted to go inside.

Welcome to Mr. Cannon

NY Post

“If you have trouble finding the joint, look for a door that bears an old-style woodcut portrait of a well-tailored rat. Inside, you’ll find a low-lit, 600-square-foot tavern that seats 25 imbibers who can enjoy the creations of in-house master mixologist Christopher Kearns.”


From the Press


“Unlike many of the speakeasies around the city that are about the size of a closet, Mr. Cannon packs in a reasonable 25 seats, many of them in plush velvet chairs — no pirate’s life for you.”



Urban Daddy

“Take a few moments to adjust to your surroundings. It's one of those bars kept so dim and so isolated from the world outside it's easy to lose track of time.”

Mr. Cannon

206 Front Street

New York, NY 10038

hours: 5PM - 2AM daily 



The Sideman Sessions

at Mr Cannon


Thursday January 25

Brian Floody Trio with Judd Nielsen


Friday January 26

Moses Patrou

with Ben Stivers and Will Bernard


Thursday February 1

Jordan Young's Trio

with George PapaGeorge and Will Bernard

Friday February 2

Matt Chertkoff Trio

Saturday February 3

Matt Chertkoff Trio featuring Kyle Koehler